Transforming Rumah Siap Kerja's Educational Journey


Fulfilling a Noble Cause

Partnering with the Indonesia Kartu Prakerja program, Rumah Siap Kerja embarked on a mission to empower the underprivileged through online education, igniting aspirations for entrepreneurship and career advancement. Our primary goal: reimagine the user journey and deliver an unparalleled user experience. My role involved deeply understanding user needs, crafting an engaging interface, and guiding the project through rigorous usability testing.


Gathering Insights

We initiated the process by delving into customer service reports and conducting user interviews to uncover pain points and aspirations. Our findings revealed registration hurdles, lack of comprehensive class details, a convoluted payment process, and complexity within the learning management system.

High-Fidelity Prototypes

Developing high-fidelity prototypes for mobile platforms enabled us to present our vision to stakeholders—product, engineering, and management—and solicit invaluable feedback.

Joining Rumah Siap Kerja

We streamlined the registration process by integrating social media login and optimizing form fields.

Class Catalog & Detail

Enhancements included incorporating ratings, coach profiles, comprehensive syllabi, and detailed content descriptions to facilitate class discovery.

Payment & Voucher Redemption

We simplified the payment process and enabled seamless redemption of Kartu Prakerja vouchers.

Class Dashboard & Learning System

Transformation of the class dashboard provided users with clarity on their learning journey and facilitated progression.



Collaboration is Key

Regular design checkpoints with stakeholders provided diverse perspectives.

Development Harmony

Close collaboration with engineers ensured technical feasibility and design-development alignment.

Design Cohesion

Team collaboration fostered a consistent design language throughout the project.


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