Optimizing Sales Processes for Seamless Customer Deals at Waresix


Challenges Hindering Sales Team Efficiency

The Sales team at Waresix faced a significant challenge in closing deals promptly due to delays in acquiring shipment prices from the Supply team. This bottleneck was affecting their ability to negotiate and finalize orders swiftly. The chart highlighting the increasing trend of sales team price requests from June to August underlines the urgency of finding a solution.

Identifying the Root Cause

Upon investigating, it became evident that the Supply team, responsible for managing relationships with shipment vendors, was overwhelmed with numerous requests. This excess workload hampered their ability to respond quickly to the Sales team's demands, resulting in a lengthy and cumbersome process. Our mission was clear: analyze the price request process, identify pain points, and seamlessly integrate improvements for the Sales, Pricing, and Supply teams.


Solving Problems Through Process Enhancement

Building on our findings, we crafted two distinct processes for acquiring prices: maintaining the existing one for custom needs (Non-Standard) and introducing a fresh approach using a comprehensive price database (Standard). Collaborating with stakeholders from Sales, Pricing, Supply, and Engineering, we optimized the process based on their feedback, allowing the Sales team to expedite the approval process for non-alarming prices.

Developing a High-Fidelity Prototype

Before implementation, I evaluated the existing design and made improvements, introducing new request tags like "Request Type" to differentiate between Standard and Non-Standard requests. Leveraging the price database, we streamlined the request process, automating approval for secure sales prices.

Request Type Tags

Clearly differentiate between standard and non-standard requests.

Price Database Integration

Seamlessly access prices within the existing system.

Automated Approvals

Visual indicators highlight the need for approval based on sales price competitiveness.


Significant Reduction in Requests

The implemented changes resulted in a notable reduction in both sales team requests to the Supply team and the number of requests the Supply team needed to fulfill. The charts illustrate a consistent decline from September onwards, contributing to an impressive 57.2% reduction in the time required to acquire prices for customers.


Reflection is Key

Regular reflection ensures alignment and optimal decision-making.

Collaborative Deadlines

Open communication between designers and project managers is crucial for setting realistic deadlines.

Testing Fuels Learning

User testing is vital for understanding product intricacies and user flows.


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