Elevating Waresix Design System Usability & Accessibility


Identifying the Challenge

Recognizing inconsistencies in the usage of the Toggle component across various projects compared to other similar elements, such as checkboxes and dropdowns, I took on the task of standardizing its usage. The goal was to make it more adaptable across contexts while integrating top-tier usability and accessibility practices.


Collaboration & Refinement

Presenting the guidelines to the product and engineering teams was crucial. Their comprehensive feedback and development feasibility assessment led to further refinement of the toggles. Ultimately, the improved toggles were added to the engineering backlog for implementation.


User Experience Enhancement

By standardizing the usage of toggle components and integrating accessibility best practices, we have not only improved usability but also ensured a more inclusive experience for all users within the Waresix ecosystem.


Consistency Through Guidelines

Guidelines serve as the north star, ensuring designers follow a consistent path in their designs.

Collaborative Efforts

Successful design systems thrive on collaborative efforts, incorporating diverse perspectives and feedback for continuous refinement.

Learning from Others

Drawing insights from the design wisdom of other companies accelerates the evolution of our design system.


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